[App_rpt-users] Quad Radio PCI Board Configuration Help

John (WB5NFC) wb5nfc at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 30 20:47:18 EST 2011

I recently purchased a used Quad PCI board and find I need some help with 
configuration, especially with zaptel.conf and zapata.conf. I've read the setup 
instructions and sample files, but I'm still confused.  Desired outcome is to 
configure all four channels as follows:

1 - Allstar node 2186
PL 100 Hz TX & RX
Non-inverted COR
2 - Allstar node 2293
PL 100 Hz TX & RX
Non-inverted COR
3 - Private Link Node (1000)
DCS 365 (normal)
Inverted COR
4 - Remote base IC-706
To be determined... (next on the project list)

Example configs, suggestions and/or guidance greatly appreciated. 

John / WB5NFC

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