[App_rpt-users] new node setup

VE3GIH Gord Hewit gordon.hewit at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 17:02:35 EST 2011


I'm only about four months ahead of you on this learning curve, but I think
I can help.

Can I assume that when you followed the on screen installation instructions,
that you told the internet connected PC to go to the Allstarlink website and
download the configuration for node 27620 from there?  

In terms of troubleshooting the URI...When you say it didn't recognize the
URI, do you mean that the green LED on the URI is lit, but not flashing??
If so, you may have it in the wrong USB port.  
-From your login prompt, enter 'root', and then enter the password you
entered during configuration.  You should see a # prompt.  
-Enter the command 'lsusb'.  This will give you a list of USB ports on the
computer.  One of them will be the CM103 URI.  Write down that port number.
-Enter the command 'cd /etc/asterisk'
-Enter the command 'nano usbradio_tune_usb27620.conf'
-You are now in an editor.  Look for the line 'devstr=', and change it to
your USB port.  My file is shown below as an example.
; VHF Repeater
; name=usb27465
; devicenum=0

-Press "Cntl O", then Enter, then "Cntl X" to save an exit the nano editor
-At the # prompt, type these commands
  service asterisk stop
  service asterisk start

If all has gone well, the green LED on the URI will begin to flash.  If you
get that far,  I can give you the instructions to transmit in a second

Gord Hewit 

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Subject: [App_rpt-users] new node setup

I have the interface built and the Acid disk installed on the computer, and
it has come up with TEST LOGIN. Where do I go from here? I was expecting it
to recognize the URI and take me to a setup screen but it is not doing it.

Jim wd0ekr
Node 27620

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