[App_rpt-users] Solid Tx after boot

VE3GIH Gord Hewit gordon.hewit at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 08:16:37 EST 2011

We have a server that's been working well for several months, and it has
developed a new problem.  Every time the PC is booted, or asterisk is
restarted, we get constant transmit on all nodes.

The URI's show their red Tx light, and when I stop Asterisk, the
transmissions stop.  That indicates that the tx signal is coming from
Asterisk.   We can disconnect various receivers from the repeaters, and we
still get solid Tx, so I doubt this is a signal breaking squelch.  If we
unplug the URI's while this is happening, the Tx stops, but the node won't
work after that. 

I've restored an old working configuration, so I don't think it's anything
I've changed recently. 

Suggestions for troubleshooting this would be welcomed.   

VE3GIH Gord Hewit
416-779-3740 (mobile)

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