[App_rpt-users] Stopping of Playback

Steve Schulze n9udo at yellowthunder.org
Sat Mar 5 09:25:05 EST 2011

I'm using Ed's, KI6PSP, script to download and convert the ARRL audio 
news. This works great!

I was wondering if anyone knows who to stop the playback of an audio 
file once it's starts?

In my rpt.conf under the [functions27616] we have added (per KI6PSP 
instructions) the following:

; For ARRL News program Playback

So *926 DTMF will fire up the playback of the audio file, no problem. 
What would be the command I could assign to a DTMF code to stop this 

On another note, is there a DTMF kill code to turn off Asterisk until 
another code is given to turn it back on?


Node 27616


Steve Schulze - Radio Amateur, General Class - N9UDO
Administrator, Baraboo, Wisconsin D-Star System - WB9FDZ
Administrator, Baraboo, Wisconsin AllStar Link Systems - N9UDO / WB9FDZ
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