[App_rpt-users] Echolink Crashing

KI6PSP (Ed) ki6psp at gmail.com
Sat Mar 5 09:27:34 EST 2011

What would be a fix for the Echolink side of a node to crash?

Here is what I have observed. Startup system, and all is good, Auto Patch,
Echolink. During startup I have a script to announce the time, this way I
know when Asterisk completes a reboot. I can connect to the Echolink side,
and everything works, but after several hours, non predictable, Asterisk
reboots, and I loose the Echolink side. Auto Patch still works, so its not
the internet connection. Example, the other day, it worked just fine all day
long, then at 0230 in the morning, I heard my system announce the time, and
I lost Echolink again.

I was thinking about updating my system, but I would rather just update the
Echolink side. I have a bunch of custom audio files that get overwritten
when I update.

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