[App_rpt-users] Echolink Crashing

KI6PSP (Ed) ki6psp at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 10:07:27 EST 2011

I didn't get a response on this one, but I was looking at the output console
of Asterisk and I observed that I couldn't resolve to socal.aprs2.net. Like
any good network guy, I pulled up NSLOOKUP, and wouldn't ya know it, I
couldn't even find Google.com.

I have removed the router IP address from resolv.conf and only pointed the
system to the openDNS servers. I think this will fix my echolink crashing


On Sat, Mar 5, 2011 at 6:27 AM, KI6PSP (Ed) <ki6psp at gmail.com> wrote:

> What would be a fix for the Echolink side of a node to crash?
> Here is what I have observed. Startup system, and all is good, Auto Patch,
> Echolink. During startup I have a script to announce the time, this way I
> know when Asterisk completes a reboot. I can connect to the Echolink side,
> and everything works, but after several hours, non predictable, Asterisk
> reboots, and I loose the Echolink side. Auto Patch still works, so its not
> the internet connection. Example, the other day, it worked just fine all day
> long, then at 0230 in the morning, I heard my system announce the time, and
> I lost Echolink again.
> I was thinking about updating my system, but I would rather just update the
> Echolink side. I have a bunch of custom audio files that get overwritten
> when I update.
> KI6PSP (Ed)

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