[App_rpt-users] DMK URI and Segfault

Pawlowski, Adam ajp26 at buffalo.edu
Thu Mar 10 14:02:56 EST 2011


     I've been working on setting up a simplex node using a DMK URI and a HTX-212, and I have many things I need to iron out. I've found I have some sort of trouble going on, when the PTT is keyed, in a varying but, often short period of time, the unit shuts off. The cable is still open and unshielded, so I imagine this to probably be the source of that problem. Outside of this,  I can't see any good way to reset the device without hanging the system. If I pull the unit, it recognizes that it is gone, but, re-attaching it causes the machine to lock hard with some display on the screen that seems to be in reference to this device or USB something-or-other. This is on my desktop, ACID Linux, i7 870, Intel Extreme motherboard. 

     Has anyone had this one happen? Obviously, I'd prefer not to unplug it anyways, but, with the troubleshooting, it seems I must do so.


Also, it seems the kickstart script looks for /dev/hda to start with, mine are all sXX drives, which seemed to work out anyways, it picked "sdd" using some process I'm not sure of. It also did me the favor of eliminating the partition table on all of my other drives, which, while recoverable, wasn't particularly thrilling.

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