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Kevin Custer kuggie at kuggie.com
Sun Mar 27 18:52:57 EDT 2011

Ryan Collier wrote:
> Neal,
>  I want remote telemetry off. 2135 is killing me from all the connects 
> and disconnects. Along with all the other ones.

There is code 'coming down the pike' that will allow you to change the 
normal level of speech announcements as well as an amount of reduction 
when the system is active.  In other words, if someone has the mic 
keyed, the speech (and other telemetry) will be ducked by an amount you 
specify.  Right now, I'm running the beta code on 27258 and have the 
normal level set at -5 and ducked to -16.  The female voice (Allison as 
we refer to her) is more pleasant and completely out of the way if the 
system is busy.

I'm assuming the code will be made available for ACID as well as XIPAR 
(zipper), but that's up to the developers to work out - we are running 
zipper for the most part.

2135 suffers from many "drive by's" from Echolink and AllStar 
connections.  When a system is as busy as 2135, something has to be done 
or you'll quickly get tired of all of the announcements.

If you are wanting to simply gain-down the telemetry (as a whole) there 
are scripts available to knock the level of Allison down to a more 
comfortable level.

More information is available at allstarnode.com

Kevin Custer - W3KKC
Owner - 2135

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