[App_rpt-users] Order of startup in rpt.conf

Bryan D. Boyle bdboyle at bdboyle.com
Tue Mar 29 13:41:51 EDT 2011

I'm running a box that's hosting 4 nodes...one as a hub so that I can 
experiment (in my down time...after my Real Job) to "flex the muscles" 
of the software (and it allows me to release from the normal hub I 
connect to for normal traffic so as to not tie up the other machines 
with announce connect and disconnect telemetry) with node-to-node comms 
and the like.

However, the first node that I registered is what I placed the first (of 
a planned 3 bands worth) repeater hardware on, and...have added other 
nodes as time went on.  I'd like to leave the original registration in 
place, since downline external systems in our net up here have entries 
that reference the original number.  Keeps the book keeping and churn to 
a minimum.

What I'm running into is that the node that I've configured as my hub is 
down the list in rpt.conf (it's the third node stanza), so, in trying to 
bring up my other nodes (2 are lower numbers and before the hub, one 
after), I note that they don't connect as I would like the end state "to 
be": my hub connected to the other hub, with all my leaf nodes 
connecting to my own hub.

So...question...should I re-arrange my rpt.conf so that the hub is the 
first that is read on boot or restart, establish the *953 persistent 
connection to the other hub and /then/ connect my leaf nodes?  Right 
now, I'm doing it manually when I get a chance via either iaxrpt into my 
nodes from my desktop or over the web transciever.

Or, is it a question of the iax registration sequence in iax.conf, or ???

Am I missing something here?

Thx for any insight...or apologies if this has been chewed upon in gory 
detail sometime in the murky (for me) past...
(I also have some questions re the custom/rpt.conf capability, but I'll 
save them for later....)

tnx es 73

Bryan WB0YLE
Allstar 27294
Echolink WB0YLE-R
224.54- PL 141.3
Morrisville PA

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