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Jim Duuuude telesistant at hotmail.com
Sun May 15 01:54:36 EDT 2011

The reverse autopatch via the Allstar Telephone Portal is
something that is provided via the Allstar Network system
infrastructure and, for the most part, is implemented
in the Allstar Portal system. The node plays very little
role in the process, other then responding to requests
from the Portal system. Therefore, the control for access
of this service is exclusively implemented within the 
Allstar Portal.

If you wish to "roll your own" reverse autopatch,
that's a whole other issue entirely.


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Date: Sat, 14 May 2011 22:57:41 -0400
Subject: Re: [App_rpt-users] Access

Not sure how else to decribe it. 
Acess settings like for the Reverse 
Telephone Portal , Web Transciever Looking 
the way to change them by not using the web 

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