[App_rpt-users] Running a shell script from a DTMF command?

Ken ke2n at cs.com
Sat May 21 16:53:09 EDT 2011

I have not seen any one try to answer this ... 
I imagine the preferred way to do this now is with the 'event handling'

<action-spec> = <action>|<type>|<var-spec>
If action is 'S' (for "shell command"), then action-spec is a shell command
to be executed (if result is 1).

You would have to figure out how to make the DTMF command constitute an
It could be you have to go into the asterisk "dialplan" and use that part of
things to set a variable.

exten => 1234,5,rpt(2000,V,MYVAR=0)

When the variable went true, courtesy of the asterisk dial plan, then rpt
would run your shell script.



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> Hi gang.  Basic question here: what is the magic incantation to run an
> arbitrary shell script from a DTMF command to an asterisk app_rpt
> system?  E.g., I want to be able to dial *99999 or something and have
> my asterisk system run /usr/local/bin/whatever.  I figure there has to
> be a way to do this, but I haven't been able to spot it.  Thanks!
> Phil, N6TCT
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