[App_rpt-users] Echolink Log

Bryan D. Boyle bdboyle at bdboyle.com
Mon May 23 08:33:38 EDT 2011

We've been having a 'spot of bother' with a couple of users coming in 
via the echolink system (and allstar, but that was taken care of 
smartly) and disrupting operations and nets with some bad music.  Now, 
while we're a tight-knit community and can police our own (thanks Jim!), 
the amorphous Echolink 'Home Office' is a bit more stodgy about it...and 
requested our 'logs', I guess assuming that we were running on their 
standard windows load.

Which, for obvious reasons, we're not.

So, in grok'ing through the logs on my system...didn't see (I guess I 
don't have it set at the right debug level?  I'm running at the 
default...) any of the connect messages from chan_echolink or any other 
place where this information would be sent to disk for record keeping 
purposes when a validated user (either via allstar or Echo) connects.

Any thoughts or insight?  Am I missing something (and would cheerfully 
admit that I do miss a lot of things...).

Bryan WB0YLE
Allstar 27294/27295/27673/27710
Echolink WB0YLE-R
Morrisville PA

In this world, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant.
Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant.
You may quote me.

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