[App_rpt-users] DTMF sensitivity

Phil N6TCT phil.n6tct at gmail.com
Mon May 23 22:36:36 EDT 2011

Ok, next question. :-)  We just deployed a beagleboard with URI as a
mountaintop repeater.  It's mostly working great. One problem we just
discovered is with the phone patch: dtmf digits are frequently getting
doubled.  E.g., "510" as an area code will show up as "5510" or
"5110", causing the call to fail.  It happens about 30-50% of the call
attempts and on different radios (Kenwood and Yaesu HTs, ditto for
mobile rigs).  I used susb tune to adjust the rx audio level for 3
kHz, so I don't believe it's something like bad audio volumes being
fed into the URI.  Any ideas for places I should look or things I
should tune?

Thanks very much!

Phil, N6TCT

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