[App_rpt-users] progress on the VOTER project

Peter Elke pete.elke at esquared.com
Wed May 25 01:13:15 EDT 2011

I am sure it's on my end, you would have stopped the test if sounded
like this all the time...


Keep up the fine work!





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So far, you are the only report of a problem, with the exception of
someone who couldn't get it to work under Linux whatsoever.

Given that neither JAVA nor the whole browser interaction paradigm
was even envisioned to do what I am attempting to do with it (that is
have code run that is in sync with the audio that is actually playing in
real time), I'm rather surprised that it works at all.

If there are others having a similar issue, hopefully something can
be figured out related to what the users with problems have in 
common. Otherwise, I'm not sure what to even suggest at this point.

I am *NOT* a JAVA, browser, or GUI dude. I can not even say that
I am qualified to program my way out of a paper bag in these areas.
I'm not a bad guesser, but that is about all I'm good for in these
matters. Hopefully, someone with more of a clue in these areas
might be able to lend a hand at some point.



Subject: RE: [App_rpt-users] progress on the VOTER project
Date: Wed, 25 May 2011 04:24:25 +0000
From: pete.elke at esquared.com
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Cool Jim,


It is sounding "gurrgly" on my browser, almost an echo...






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There has been much progress made on the VOIP VOTER project

The test/demo system is now in place in Madera County, CA and
can be watched/listened to by going to the following URL:


This page includes a JAVA applet that, in real-time, shows
the signal strengths of all the receivers in the system, along
with which one is selected by the voting logic, and also 
plays the audio from the selected channel.

It's great to watch the signal strengths change as various
mobile and portable stations move around.

The technology, as a whole is mostly fully implemented.
with a few final issues to still address. Even in its present
condition, you will see that it performs quite nicely.

The biggest thing missing currently is documentation
(gosh, it's just my FAVORITE thing to do... not!), and 
will be addressed shortly. I swear... it really will. :-)

User-constructable boards will be available soon in 
somewhat reasonable quantity (blank boards will
be available for $25 each). In addition, there is progress
being made towards a commercially-available version
of the board design pre-built and tested (with surface-
mount parts).

Check it out. Its definitely worth seeing.


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