[App_rpt-users] progress on the VOTER project

Leon Zetekoff wa4zlw at backwoodswireless.net
Wed May 25 05:38:16 EDT 2011

I had an issue yesterday at work with garbled audio. But at work our 
"sandboxes" are memory constrained (512mb) and disk constrained (8gb and 
I have only sometimes 100mb free). Our sandboxes are in a VM. So I am 
assuming that is the problem. When I came home and loaded it up on my 
laptop it worked fine.

73 leon

On 5/25/2011 1:13 AM, Peter Elke wrote:
> I am sure it's on my end, you would have stopped the test if sounded 
> like this all the time...
> Keep up the fine work!
> 73's
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> So far, you are the only report of a problem, with the exception of
> someone who couldn't get it to work under Linux whatsoever.
> Given that neither JAVA nor the whole browser interaction paradigm
> was even envisioned to do what I am attempting to do with it (that is
> have code run that is in sync with the audio that is actually playing in
> real time), I'm rather surprised that it works at all.
> If there are others having a similar issue, hopefully something can
> be figured out related to what the users with problems have in
> common. Otherwise, I'm not sure what to even suggest at this point.
> I am *NOT* a JAVA, browser, or GUI dude. I can not even say that
> I am qualified to program my way out of a paper bag in these areas.
> I'm not a bad guesser, but that is about all I'm good for in these
> matters. Hopefully, someone with more of a clue in these areas
> might be able to lend a hand at some point.
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> Subject: RE: [App_rpt-users] progress on the VOTER project
> Date: Wed, 25 May 2011 04:24:25 +0000
> From: pete.elke at esquared.com
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> Cool Jim,
> It is sounding "gurrgly" on my browser, almost an echo...
> Pete
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> There has been much progress made on the VOIP VOTER project
> (https://allstarlink.org/voter.html).
> The test/demo system is now in place in Madera County, CA and
> can be watched/listened to by going to the following URL:
> https://allstarlink.org/votermon
> This page includes a JAVA applet that, in real-time, shows
> the signal strengths of all the receivers in the system, along
> with which one is selected by the voting logic, and also
> plays the audio from the selected channel.
> It's great to watch the signal strengths change as various
> mobile and portable stations move around.
> The technology, as a whole is mostly fully implemented.
> with a few final issues to still address. Even in its present
> condition, you will see that it performs quite nicely.
> The biggest thing missing currently is documentation
> (gosh, it's just my FAVORITE thing to do... not!), and
> will be addressed shortly. I swear... it really will. :-)
> User-constructable boards will be available soon in
> somewhat reasonable quantity (blank boards will
> be available for $25 each). In addition, there is progress
> being made towards a commercially-available version
> of the board design pre-built and tested (with surface-
> mount parts).
> Check it out. Its definitely worth seeing.

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