[App_rpt-users] RC210-URI Issue

Charles Rader kc5dgc at centurytel.net
Wed May 25 22:04:38 EDT 2011

Name here is Charles and I am new to Allstar/Asterisk. I am trying to get a node up and running on my test bench. I started out with XIPAR and there is just not enough Documentation or places to get help. So tonight I wiped that out and installed ACID distro. Everything installed correctly and its up and running.

My setup is:
RC210 Controller Port 1 UHF Repeater, Port 2 URI to Allstar, Port 3 is a Frq Agile Remote Base

My issue:
I have Port 1 and Port 2 linked together. Using the Webtransciever I connect to another node (2135) I have excellent audio being repeated through my UHF repeater. What I do not have is no audio coming from the UHF to the Allstar side. I can’t control the Allstar port from the Linked repeater side either.

My Question/s:
Is anyone using the same setup that I am trying to use? If so how do you have the URI to RC210 connected (pinouts)? How did you setup the RC210 Port?

Hope this makes since and if not ask away.

Thank you,
Charles (kc5dgc)
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