[App_rpt-users] RC210-URI Issue

Matt Beasant g4rky at yahoo.co.uk
Thu May 26 04:14:55 EDT 2011

Hi Charles,

I run a bunch of RC210's and have Allstar nodes on most of them.

However, I haven't connected mine up in the way you are trying, although the
way you're doing it, it should work OK - I used to do it that way but I had

Firstly, the RC210 normally mutes any DTMF to stop it passing through the
repeater, you'll need to turn that function off on your Allstar port on the
RC210 if you want to control it from the repeater.

Next, make sure that the repeater mode is not selected on the RC210 on the
port where your allstar node is connected because this will make your cos
facing the Allstar node have hangtime on it. You'll also want to make sure
that you have the correct duplex settings on your Allstar node both in
rpt.conf and in usbradio.conf. This is well documented on the web site and
be aware its not simply an on/off function, there are several types of
"duplex" operation that may suit what you need. You want to choose the
setting that gives you no telemetry or hangtime OR if you want telemetry (
pips etc ) from the Allstar node, make sure you set the hangtime to zero in

At least you know you're not in uncharted territory Charles!

Here's the way I have mine connected and the reasons why I dont use the link

Firstly, I have 2 repeaters controlled by my RC210 at each site and so there
werent enough ports for me to have an allstar node on each repeater and link
them via the RC210. The second problem I had was that I use flat audio on my
systems and I had problems trying to interface the audio into / out of the
node. One way was always too bassy and the other way was far too toppy - I
cant remember which way around now as it was so long ago!

So I decided to connect the Allstar node connections directly to the radio
feeding the repeater. PTT, COS and audio in/out go directly to the USB
interface in parallel with the RC210 connections. This gives me added
flexibility and great audio as I can set the parameters to accommodate the
flat audio through the repeater. I have the node provide a hangtime and also
some piptones which mean I can indicate whether the signal came from the
local receiver or via the node. I can still mute the DTMF through the
repeater but this doesn't stop the control of the node as the unprocessed
audio goes straight into the USB adapter. Easy!

Any problems Charles, let me know and I'll do my best to help,


node 2250 / 2237 amongst others!

On 26 May 2011 03:04, Charles Rader <kc5dgc at centurytel.net> wrote:

>   Name here is Charles and I am new to Allstar/Asterisk. I am trying to
> get a node up and running on my test bench. I started out with XIPAR and
> there is just not enough Documentation or places to get help. So tonight I
> wiped that out and installed ACID distro. Everything installed correctly and
> its up and running.
> My setup is:
> RC210 Controller Port 1 UHF Repeater, Port 2 URI to Allstar, Port 3 is a
> Frq Agile Remote Base
> My issue:
> I have Port 1 and Port 2 linked together. Using the Webtransciever I
> connect to another node (2135) I have excellent audio being repeated through
> my UHF repeater. What I do not have is no audio coming from the UHF to the
> Allstar side. I can’t control the Allstar port from the Linked repeater side
> either.
> My Question/s:
> Is anyone using the same setup that I am trying to use? If so how do you
> have the URI to RC210 connected (pinouts)? How did you setup the RC210 Port?
> Hope this makes since and if not ask away.
> Thank you,
> Charles (kc5dgc)
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