[App_rpt-users] Issue with Remote Base RX PL Decode

GARY BONEBRAKE w5bi at amsat.org
Tue May 31 15:09:17 EDT 2011

Background: IC-706Mk2g connected via URI to radio data port set to 9600 bd.
All functions controlled by DSP.


Problem: The issue is controlling RX PL Decode in remote base operation. The
"r" parameter in memory definition only sets RX PL in the radio via CI-V.
DSP RX PL is not affected by this parameter or the *40 remote base command.
The "rxctcssoverride" parameter in USBRADIO.CONF is global, and overrides
the memory definitions.


Currently, the only way to access a RX PL enabled repeater that does not
encode PL on transmit is to set "rxctcssoverride=1". However, this also
prevents setting RX PL Decode on channels that require it for proper
access/control, such as simplex links, which must be protected with PL on
both ends.


Request: Implement the "r" parameter in memory definition properly, such
that when it is present, RX PL Decode is active, and when it is not present,
RX PL Decode is not active. If this is done,  each memory definition will
control the feature.


P.S. As new "abusers" of app_rpt, we have successfully implemented a 2-site
network with 2 public repeaters (27750 in town & 27748 at 9K' ASL), linked
via internet, and a 706 remote base which permits us to slot in other
systems for public  events and drills. It is quite flexible in its current
state, and is planned to encompass other county sites in the near future. 



Gary Bonebrake W5BI

Emergency Coordinator

Sandoval County ARES

w5bi@ <mailto:w5bi at amsat.org> amsat.org




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