[App_rpt-users] URI Dead

Doug Bade kd8b at thebades.net
Tue May 31 15:24:25 EDT 2011

I went through this same exercise over the weekend. In mine the cm108 chip
appears dead as 5v is getting from the USB connector to the chip. Mine
seemed to always run hot. it would go offline intermittently over the last
year.. Usually power cycle the computer and it would fix it.. This time no..
It is one of 3 URI's on this computer. I had to replace it pending possible
repair. Looking at it , I am not going to be able to replace the cm108 chip.







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Visited the repeater site this weekend after noticing that the allstar link
radio hadn't transmitted in a while. When I got there, the computer and
radio were fine, but the URI's lights were all off. Tried plugging it into a
backup computer, with no luck. The unit is only a couple months old.


Is there anything I can try?



Bobby KF4GTA

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