[App_rpt-users] Echolink test commands

Tony KT9AC kt9ac at ameritech.net
Sun Sep 4 16:57:26 EDT 2011

All the responses were funny...I found the problem and it was a 
misplaced tab within the Echolink.conf file. Copied the sample and 
carefully edited it.

Hey, we went from a Windows PC with Echolink to a Linux Server running 
Allstar and Echolink - that's worth something!!


On 09/04/2011 11:29 AM, Tony KT9AC wrote:
> Is there some Echolink test commands? We've got a new node up and 
> running but can't get Echolink to register. It's only seen as going 
> out port 80 but nothing else. I've tried two different working config 
> files and firewall settings are open from 5198 to 5200 TCP/UDP.
> Thanks,
> Tony

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