[App_rpt-users] Found one of my nodes "stuck" this morning

Ken ke2n at cs.com
Mon Sep 5 22:00:18 EDT 2011

Hmmmm - interesting.


Of course RF could do it but -


I tested it here just now - the TOT does not work on the "remote command"


BTW: For an unoccupied/remote site its recommended to have an external
hardware TOT . there is a schematic somewhere ..





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(assuming the URI was in fact updating/working . that is, the green light is

If your time out timer is active, this should never happen.

The time out timer can be de-activated with an instruction though  . I use
that when I play back bulletins. The same script that de=activates it, turns
it back on again after a while.




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Just found one of my nodes "stuck" sending out continuous transmission. No
audio coming in but I can IAXRPT to it and TX outbound..

Is this a known issue?  This is the first time this has happened to one of
my nodes.

A simple asterisk restart fixed it, but before I did I collected a few

Note : The node that had the issue was 27875.. I tried connecting various
nodes to it and all had the same issue.. Continuous key up on the network.


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