[App_rpt-users] limey compile "miniperl" error

George Csahanin george at dyb.com
Thu Sep 8 09:46:18 EDT 2011

In compiling Limey you encounter an error about miniperl.

There's a patch/fix:

I just edited microperl.mk and added the line with the + at the 
beginning(without the +)

It is compiling right now, got all the way through buildroot. Its now doing 
the kernel compile.



--- a/package/microperl/microperl.mk

+++ b/package/microperl/microperl.mk

@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@ $(MICROPERL_DIR)/.host_configured_and_fixed: 

$(SED) 's/^.*<command-line>.*//g' $(MICROPERL_DIR)/Makefile

$(SED) 's/^.*<command-line>.*//g' $(MICROPERL_DIR)/x2p/Makefile

$(SED) 's/^.*<command-line>.*//g' $(MICROPERL_DIR)/makefile

+ $(SED) 's/^libs =/libs = -lm/g' $(MICROPERL_DIR)/makefile

$(SED) 's/^.*<command-line>.*//g' $(MICROPERL_DIR)/x2p/makefile

touch $@

George J Csahanin
Cedar Park, TX 

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