[App_rpt-users] Limey success!

George Csahanin george at dyb.com
Thu Sep 8 22:38:02 EDT 2011

After many months of off and on again trying to make my own limey I have 
great success to report. I made it stock, but one twist: have support for 
RTL8187 USB WiFi and wireless toosl for iwconfig, etc. And needed parallel 
port for COS and PTT. Well Jim fixed chan_usbradio.c to fix the port 
problem, but I founf the issue in buildroot, as outlined in a message this 
AM. It compiled, kernel compiled made a CF  card, stuck it in the PC I have 
been using and voila, booted, sees the USBWiFi, downloaded 1.1.5 source 
code, compiled it, used all the setup files, etc, etc, made a privae node 
for test 1997, and already had it connected to my 2360 node.

Just plain slick.

Things that I had to fiddle with:

patch microperl.mk

modify the config files for buildroot and kernel for the wireless stuff
(did makemenuconfig in both and saved to the proper file in treunk/configs)

had to fix the top MAkefile to eliminate the "-E" after sudo in two places. 
Didn't work on my computer.

Jim! success, I'm pumped. Hope you have power out there.


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