[App_rpt-users] Setting up iaxRpt... any tips?

Michael Carey michaelcarey at internode.on.net
Sat Sep 10 09:01:49 EDT 2011

Ah Hahh!

Ken, you are the one with the vital clue I missed!

I neglected to add the port to the IP address... once I did this, it 

During this process I also discovered that I hadn't enabled the port 
forwarding rule in my internet router for my new nodes PC.  I assume 
this is why I couldn't connect to it from my VOIP box or the my other 
node. I had the rule entered, but hadn't checked the tick box to enable it.

Everything is now falling into place... many thanks to all who replied.


On 10/09/2011 21:48, Ken wrote:
> Account name is the asterisk node number
> Description is anything you want
> Host is the full IP address:port  number
> Username is gui
> Password is that secret you mentioned
> Type usually is duplex
> GL
> Ken
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>> Hi Everybody,
>> I am trying to set up iaxRpt on my laptop to link to my AllStar node.
>> I've been following some info in the ACID System Administrators Guide
>> (dated 2008). I've added the mentioned entries in iax.conf and
>> extensions.conf, entering my own "secret"...  I'm connecting from
>> within
>> the same network as the node.
>> What do I need to enter in the accounts section of iaxRpt? I assume the
>> "secret" gets entered in the password field, what do I put in the
>> username field?
>> Please help a newbie...
>> Michael.
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