[App_rpt-users] Serial or Parallel

K&R Yoksh yokshs at sbcglobal.net
Sat Sep 10 13:19:32 EDT 2011

Hello Harold,

Yes, Parallel port COS/PTT/GPIO is supported with both chan_usb and 
chan_simpleusb! I have had tremendous success with this on my nodes.

There is some related info on my web page, if you care to check it out. The 
article actually explains how to convert an IRLP node to Allstar, but it 
should answer some of your questions as well:

Feel free to contact me off list if you'd like, I'm glad to help.

73 for now.

Olathe, KS

--- Original Message ---
Hello all.

Ive had my node running for some time now but finally got a chance to play
with it and think of things to ask.

Is there a way to use the serial or parallel port to key radios instead of a
modded cm108 but still use it for the audio?

Some of us I know have problems with spending so much money on a uri and
hands are too shaky for surface mount soldering.

If so, can someone point me in the right direction with this?




Las Vegas NV.

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