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KB7RSI kb7rsi at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 22:53:35 EDT 2011

Hello all.

I have a question about the cm108 and other compatible usb sound fobs.

First, Im not sure if my fob is being initialized properly.

After reading the installation instructions for Acid, my fob's lights are
not blinking like the instructions say it should.

The source of the fob says this is a cm108 chipset fob.

Should the light or lights on any of the cm108 and other fobs blink when

Is there an easy way to tell if this fob is a cm108 with terminal commands?

Is there any other modules that need to be loaded for proper fob startup?

I guess you can tell im new at asterisk.

I did order a different one though that Ive seen others use just in case I
have other issues with the ones I did order earlier.

I can look on the chip either since its covered with some sort of protection


Thanks all for the help and any responses.




Las Vegas, NV


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