[App_rpt-users] Price

Bryan D. Boyle bdboyle at bdboyle.com
Tue Sep 13 13:30:57 EDT 2011

thinking of selling off my systems...just don't have the 'oomph' to keep 
them up, and the micor is a constant source of headaches (add-in squelch 
board just goes brain dead and cuts out; sometimes the t/r relay will 
not activate, even when activating the PTT pin on the external 
interface...thumping the center board usually brings it back...it has a 
rushing noise on rf repeat, sounds like a 'woosh' when the machine keys 
up...).  Just running out of patience, and, to be honest, the whining of 
users.  Get enough of that from the XYL and work colleagues.

So, what I have is:

1 220MHz Micor repeater conversion running at 10W
1 TE Systems 220 mhz 120w mobile amp (running at 50% power...NEVER gets hot)
1 6 can duplexer (Decibel products)...don't know the model, tuned to freqs
1 6 can Angle Linear duplexer w/2 can rcv preselector and PHEMT preamp, 
tuned to freqs.
1 Tram 1494 antenna cut to xmt freq.
5 DMK dongles w/usb cables
100' LDF4-50A Heliax divided into a 25' and a 75' section, with andrews 
N males on both ends
1 N-N polyphaser
1 900 mhz maxtrac conversion to 902 Rcv
1 900 mhz spectra conversion to 927 xmt

As a package, now..the angle linear duplexer is sitting in CA at the 
factory....and can tell you that it is 1) not cheap, and 2) is the best 
that's out there.  But, only asking the invoice price on that part.

Offers...???  Systems are located in between NY and PHL.  Pick-up only.  You

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