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I like Caig DeOxit.....but there is some evidence that is does not age well. I recently re-build a Micor that was cleaned about 15 years ago with what was reported to be Caig DeOxit. The pins had a "gunk" buildup that was non-conductive, and I posted about that and got several replies back that they have seen De-Oxit do that over a long period of time. Thats pretty non-scientific research but it's what feedback and expierence I got at the time...

After cleaning all that off the pins (which took some time) I then treated the pins with Stabilant22, which I am told is the only motorola approved pin treatment. You can find it online, its a little pricy but so far has worked well.  A little goes a long way, its mixed with a 99% isoprobyal alcohol (sorry for the spelling).

But I agree whole-heartedly with Bote, clean it, tune it and it will live another 20 years and outperform much of the new stuff, not to mention you can usually find all the replacement parts you need surplus for little or no money.


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1) Remove all the boards, including the cards in the control shelf.

2) Spray all MICOR board connector pins with the recommended suite of
Caig Labs "DeOxit" sprays, one to clean, the other to protect.

3) Re-insert boards.

4) Be happy.


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> thinking of selling off my systems...just don't have the 'oomph' to
> them up, and the micor is a constant source of headaches (add-in
> board just goes brain dead and cuts out; sometimes the t/r relay will
> not activate, even when activating the PTT pin on the external
> interface...thumping the center board usually brings it back...it has
> rushing noise on rf repeat, sounds like a 'woosh' when the machine
> up...).  Just running out of patience, and, to be honest, the whining
> users.  Get enough of that from the XYL and work colleagues.

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