[App_rpt-users] MICOR rejuvenation (was: Price)

Jeff DePolo jd0 at broadsci.com
Tue Sep 13 21:18:56 EDT 2011

> 1) Remove all the boards, including the cards in the control shelf.
> 2) Spray all MICOR board connector pins with the recommended suite of
> Caig Labs "DeOxit" sprays, one to clean, the other to protect.
> http://www.caig.com/
> 3) Re-insert boards.
> 4) Be happy.

Insert 3.5:

Replace PTT relay on mobile system board, preferably with a solid-state

As far as users whining, offer to refund their dues, that usually shuts them
up  ;-)

				--- Jeff WN3A

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