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I'm not sure if GSM 6.1 is GSM full rate, but once the audio has undergone lossy compression, converting it back to PCM format does not magically restore those lost components. What I've heard of most GSM codecs could easily be described as "metallic".


Icecast is derived from Shoutcast, which was developed by the same guys who wrote WinAmp, which is itself a champion of mp3 files. If you've gotta do mp3, then lame is about the best way to do it. What settings is your Icecast stream configured to send?

I get good results on my Icecast scanner streams with a sample rate of 22050 KHz and bit rate of 16kbits/second.





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They are a GSM 6.1 output that sound good. It was just a thought to tee or pipe them somehow as they are written out periodically.

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what in the h--- do the log files have to do with it?

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Thanks Jim. I did a little reading and the output of Asterisk at least to the log files is GSM 6.1. I think sox can handle a conversion to WAV (to accomodate the non-UNIX clients out there...)
Another thought out be to open the /acid_archive/<node>/ log files and stream those. They are realtime afterall. Perhaps a 'tee' command could be used somewhere.
I'll post back when I get further.

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From: Jim Duuuude <telesistant at hotmail.com>
Date: Thursday, September 22, 2011, 9:47 AM

I understand. Some people just don't like a "metallic sound". I'm not sure what other options
are readily available. Certainly if you want more of a "dubstep" sound, perhaps you should
pipe the stream through something like "zcat". That would certainly make it more "dubstep"-like. :-)

Seriously, I don't think any of those streaming server things will accept anything other then mp3 (or ogg)
Believe me, it was *not* done by any of my choice (being that mp3 is certainly *not* my favorite
codec for ANYTHING!).


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> Subject: [App_rpt-users] Streaming questions
> Good Morning,
>  I have Icecast, Ezstream and Lame all working together to output audio from Asterisk. Currently using .mp3 format from the setup examples but not happy with the audio quality (has a metallic
background sound to it). 
>  Is there a way to output WAV file audio instead of MP3? I've tried different settings for LAME but it doesn't help. I know that Asterisk has great audio written to the log files, so why can't I use this instead of piping through Lame?
>  Secondly, would anyone be willing to share an Icecast/Ezstream XML exa=

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