[App_rpt-users] Connecting to my node from web transceiver

Peter Dahl pd_fus at me.com
Fri Sep 23 18:17:57 EDT 2011

My node , 27595 appears to be fully operational now and ready to be  
deployed on the air finally except I have one burning question. I can  
control and access my node both locally and through the phone portal  
but not with the web transceiver. When I access most other nodes  
through the web transceiver I am immediately connected to them and   
the image of the keypad on the web page is active. When I access my  
node through the web transceiver the "keypad" stays inactive and the  
audible connection message does not  play. What am I missing? Can  
someone please assist me with this final configuration of my node?

Thanks in advance!

Peter, WA7FUS,  Node 27595 Brier, WA

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