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Corey Dean n3fe at repeater.net
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Too bed the ziapr software didn't recognize them, blobbed or not, they could still be used for remote receivers on the ziapr software voter. You only use the mic jack and ground...

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On Fri, September 30, 2011 01:37, Corey Dean wrote:
> I can tell you it is blobbed but I could use these for remote receivers
> using the Xiapr install if it was supported.
> I just pulled this out of my desk and reading it from backtrac.
> ID 0c76:1607 JMTek, LLC. audio controller

Ok, thank you.  This is the SSS1623 chip from 3S.  It is compatible with
the CM108, but the software must recognise it of course.  It will also
work for PTT because it supports the same HID commands to drive the GPIO
pins, but in your case the pins are not accessible due to the epoxy blob.

For anyone that *does* have a packaged SSS1623, there are two GPIOs
available.  GPIO0 is on pin 27 and GPIO1 is pin 28.  Unlike the CM108,
both of these have pullups, so this is an issue if you are driving PTT
(add a pulldown).



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