[App_rpt-users] simpleusb and parallel port question

George Csahanin george at dyb.com
Fri Dec 7 01:47:08 EST 2012

Trying to convert a usbradio box to simpleusb. But thew usbradio setup uses pins on the parallel port for PTT and COS in. Tried this with simpleusb and no-go. Looked in the most recent source for simpleusb.c and I see reference to the port:

#define PP_MASK 0xbffc
#define PP_PORT "/dev/parport0"
#define PP_IOPORT 0x378

But in the configs section of the source I see:

carrierfrom = usb ;no,usb,usbinvert

which does not show pp or ppinvert as choices.

So...am I chasing my tail? If simpleusb cannot work with pport I'll leave it as-is. 

commands radio, rpt no longer there. Channeltypes shows simpleusb, not radio.

Then I also remember there should be a file in /etc/asterisk (I think) that tells it what kind of channel it is, but I am having severe senior moment-itis..

Can anyone un confuse me? And yes, latest sources are installed.


George J Csahanin
Cedar Park, TX 
401-338-0568 cel
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