[App_rpt-users] Allstar Link Support

George Csahanin george at dyb.com
Sun Dec 9 00:27:12 EST 2012

As it was in the past, this is a good thing.

It think, though, that you can only get to the donate button before logging 
in, I logged in and didn't find it. FWIW


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Subject: [App_rpt-users] Allstar Link Support

> Greetings fellow Allstarlink members,
> Once again I am reposting this email which is very similar to last year 
> with the hopes that we as the amateur community can step
> forward and support our hobby, mainly the app_rpt and allstarlink 
> technology that we all enjoy today.
> As many of you that are new to app_rpt this year might NOT know, the 
> creator of app_rpt and the allstarlink network has never
> charged or asked for financial support to keep the allstarlink system 
> going for the use in amateur radio.
> He has never charged users money to be a part of app_rpt or the use of the 
> allstarlink network, nor has he ever made any profit off
> of specific hardware sales for the allstarlink network.  Through the years 
> he has put in a great deal of time and dedication along
> with his exceptional talents to make app_rpt and the allstarlink network 
> the great VOIP technology that it has become today.   No
> other VOIP technology in the amateur radio community can even compare to 
> the technology, features and capability that is offered for
> free to anyone wishing to setup there own allstarlink node.
> Another understated fact is that there are monthly costs associated with 
> keeping things running smoothly for the allstarlink system.
> These costs are for server collocation, domain certifications and so on, 
> amounting to roughly $175 per month.  Jim has been paying
> these monthly fees from donations, but mostly out of his own pocket. 
> Wouldn't it be nice if we could all pitch in and help him to
> at the least cover these monthly costs for this coming year?
> I am proposing that we all donate to this cause via PayPal at the 
> following URL.
> https://allstarlink.org/
> At the top of this webpage just slightly down there is a PayPal donate 
> button.
> In the spirit and season of giving, lets all try and help out with the 
> financial side, so we can continue to use and enjoy this
> great technology that we have all come to know and love!
> I would also like to thank Jim, WB6NIL for all the many hours of work and 
> support that he and others have donated to this hobby so
> that the amateur community at large can benefit and enjoy the use of his 
> technology on a daily basis for free.
> 73
> Marshall - ke6pcv
> Node 2065, 2066

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