[App_rpt-users] Update on the Pi

Ramesh Dhami (VA3UV) Ramesh at va3uv.com
Sun Dec 9 21:26:19 EST 2012

OK Guys;

Sorry about the IP address change! - I was deliberately keeping the Pi 
'dynamic' with the intent of imaging it when we are ready.

Having said that, I have set a static IP address - node 29109 can now be 
accessed directly... I have limited cycles, so I'm not always monitoring.

A couple of you were able to connect yesterday (before the darn IP 
changed!) - the lucky few were able to listen to my audio.... it is not 
perfect - especially the received audio (i.e., audio into the network). 
  However, the intent of the demo yesterday was to demonstrate that this 
is an active project (not vapor-ware!)... we do have a Pi operational - 
with issues - it is as they say, "Work In Progress"

Initially, the TX audio (i.e., audio out of the local transmitter) was 
also raspy - use of an externally powered USB hub cleared up the TX 
audio.  Unfortunately, the hub had little to no affect on the RX audio.

We (mostly Jim, and me to a lesser extent) are working on it.... but we 
are both busy - and 'tis the season to be busy!

We are not ready to publish / post an image just yet.... some of you 
know me from my FREE STAR* project, nothing leaves my "lab" until I have 
fully tested and documented it.  It's that simple; right now, we are in 
development and testing.

We realize that there is huge interest in the Pi at the moment - I do 
support the Pi with an image, installation script and documentation for 
my FREE STAR* project (http://www.va3uv.com/iso.htm).  When we are ready 
and feel that the product is ready for field testing, we will gladly 
make it available in a similar fashion.

Cheers for now!



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