[App_rpt-users] More Newbie questions

George Csahanin george at dyb.com
Wed Dec 12 21:05:03 EST 2012

Dave, I run a few instances of Limey and even got to the point of 
customizing it for my needs.

But from the limey Makefile:

# for VIA Mini-itx M6000, ME6000, SP8000, or CN10000
# for Intel Mini-itx D201GLY2, D945GCLF, D945GSEJT or Igoe Logic I3386g
PLATFORM?=INTEL-MINI-ITXI run it on D201's, D945's. Works GREAT. I 
customized it to use a USB WIFI adapter. GeorgeCW2DB2360

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Reading over the documentation it's still unclear if I can run Limey Linux 
download from Allstar link download page on a IntelD525 motherboard? And 
what steps do I need to follow? Do I need a running Linux system or can I 
use an OSX machine to unpack the download from Allstar link page onto a USB 
drive or a memory card then put the card into the D525 motherboard? I am 
about to grab some hardware and jump in but not sure yet what I need to 

Many thanks

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