[App_rpt-users] AllStar Linux server hangs

Christopher Kovacs w0anm73 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 23:51:23 EST 2012

Hi Shaun,

Looking at your log watch (attached file), I don't think disk space is the
issue. You still have 28G of free space which is quite a lot.  I would
first start looking in you log files for clues.  Take a look at
/var/log/messages file.  If you have a specified time when you noticed the
node hang, look around for that time.

When linux hangs, it can be caused by a memory issue, hardware issue, or
kernel issue.  Hopefully the log file will give you some clues.

Here are some commands that you can used to look for large files and why
your system is using so much disk space.

This will list the disk usage of a directory and list the top offenders:

      *du -skh * | sort -k1 -n -r | head *
I would check /var, first... for example:

     * cd  /var*
*      du -skh * | sort -k1 -n -r  | head*

Here is the output example:

*[root at AllStar var]# du -skh * | sort -k1 -n -r | head*
*220K spool*
*188K run*
*40M lib*
*40K lock*
*37M cache*
*28K db*
*24K empty*
*20K yp*
*12K account*
*8.0K tmp*

I normally start at the root level and work down...

         cd /
         du -skh * | sort -k1 -n -r  | head

*[root at AllStar /]# du -skh * | sort -k1 -n -r | head*
*146M lib*
*124M root*
*124K dev*
*101M etc*
*88K tmp*
*87M opt*
*78M var*
*34M sbin*
*16K lost+found*
*12M boot*

This will find large files > 10M in size and help you find the large files.

     * find / -size +10M -exec ls -latr {} \;*

As far as files to delete, I would start in */var/log*, there are log files
that could be large.  If log rotation is working, it would be self
limiting, the fact that you are up in to 100G+ disk space, I am not sure
what is eating the disk usage.  I find the /var is the usual problem area
for disk issues.  Let me know what you find out and I will be glad to let
you know what files you can remove and what files you should not delete.


w0anm  (allstar node 29061, irlp node 3106)

On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 7:10 PM, Shaun Rudling <shaun at pmbnet.co.za> wrote:

> My AllStar node just hangs every so often. I have to physically drive up
> to the remote high-site and pull the power to get it working again. I
> don't know much about fault finding in Linux so could someone give me a
> pointer.
> I attached the last bit of text from this email "You have new mail in
> /var/spool/mail/root" .
> I suspect that the hard drive is running out of space but why? And what
> files can I delete to give me more HDD space?
> Shaun
> zr5s (zs5pmb)
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