[App_rpt-users] phoning in

Ken ke2n at cs.com
Sun Dec 23 21:02:20 EST 2012

Can I ask one of the Asterisk gurus to help with some syntax?


I would like to arrange so that my IP phone can dial an extension on my
asterisk box and be put on hold while the repeater announces the incoming
call - much the same as the portal does - except just locally here.


I think this would require a dial plan extension that uses ParkAndAnnounce()
where the announcement is made using an Rpt function - then just waiting a
certain amount of time for someone on the repeater to activate the
auto-patch and pick up the call.


My chances of guessing the right syntax for this are infinitesimal, so I
would appreciate some help.


Many thanks and season's greetings









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