[App_rpt-users] registration problems in the online list?

Bryan D. Boyle bdboyle at bdboyle.com
Sun Dec 23 22:54:59 EST 2012

Are there problems in the registration of nodes on the website in

I can connect to one of my nodes; if I do a getstatus.cgi?node# I see
its connection...but go into nodeinfo.cgi?node# and I get an NA for two
of the nodes which are connected to it?

For instance, 28254...moved from one hub to another in my nat'd lan hub
a is port 4569, hub b is 4570).  I can connect to either or both nat'd
hubs, or even, from 28254, to external systems.

But, it never shows up in the stats page.  It's not private, and I'm not
getting any registration errors.

Since I moved 28254 from A to B...is there somewhere in the allstar site
that I have to tell it that its port has changed since the system is now
on a system on 4570 vice 4569?  IIRC, there was somewhere to change it,
but I'm stumped...nothing new for me with the burgeoning Christmas
holiday fast approaching...but...any insight?  I can control the nodes
ok with allmon and my own scripts...seems to be working and lights are
blinken (and dasher and donner and blitzen).

Just wondering...probably missed something...


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