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I have very successfully used a Yaesu FT-857D. The software says FT897, but the 857 looks identical, as far as the software is concerned. The app_rpt source will limit frequency ranges, and will set mode properly for the frequency entered. Lioke enter 29.600 mhz, it sets up FM, enter 7.245 and you get LSB, enter 18.125 get USB, etc, etc. I think 144.2 gets USB as well. And the rtadio does 160-6 meters, plus 2 meters and 440, all multimode. Now that's SLICK. The absolute only thing I wish it dod was PTT via the CAT port. The radio does it, in fact app_rpt does it but only for tuneup (it keys via CAT port), but for operation you need hardwired PTT. That's on my wish list. But really, the FT857/897 would be my choice. It does IC-706 but only the MKII version does 70cm and not sure the app_rpt source kept up with its ability to do 70cm.

2360, 2428(remote...currently off)
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  Anyone have a recommendation on a remote base radio setup? Looking for at least 2m and 70cm, hf would be great too. 


  Michael - KD5DFB 
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