[App_rpt-users] App_rpt Configuration Resources

Ken ke2n at cs.com
Wed Dec 26 10:41:39 EST 2012

For generic things, pertaining to VOIP and Asterisk itself, I have found 


to be interesting. It has a good search engine.


Unfortunately, many repeater things are only found by looking in

The comments are readable, even if you cannot figure out the code.





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It's painfully obvious that I need to get smarter on configuration options
in app_rpt. I've been searching for resource material for non-programmers
and have come up woefully short. 


Here's what I've found. What other documents/resources have you found to be
useful to the newbie?



app_rpt list archives


WA6ZFT's ACID System Administrator's Guide (is there an update newer than
Version 0.7 12/27/2008?)



I am especially interested in learning more about Allstar macros, functions
and command codes. 

Thanks for sharing any available resources. 


John / WB5NFC


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