[App_rpt-users] All-Star link repeater

Ham Radio ve3etg at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 22:23:58 EST 2012


I am working on getting my advance license so I can put up a All-Star 
link repeater in the 220 Band But am will to use 2m and 440 as well. I 
know I have to contact the repeater council for my area which is  
wnysorc to get a set part of the band for my repeater. I was wondering 
what hardware do I need? I am planing to use the DMK URI for the radio 
interface.  I would like to us a Motorola radio with a 16pin interface 
port so I can use a pre made cable from marshals. Can any of Motorola's 
radio's with the 16 pin be programed to the 220 ham band? What other 
hardware do I need ie Duplexer and how does the auto patch work? Can I 
use my VOIP phone line with a usb voice modem or do I have to get a VoIP 
service that offers sip trunking? I would also like to have my EcoIRLP 
node on my repeater. Is there a way of doing this and keeping both IRLP 
and ALL-STAR link happy.

Thank you.



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