[App_rpt-users] just being sure

Stephen Liggett steve10000 at comcast.net
Wed Feb 1 23:57:42 EST 2012

I am new to AllStar, and now finally have the box working and my node seems to be working.

The next step is interfacing with the repeater. I would like to utilize the remote base inputs/outputs of my RC-1000 controller. For that controller COS in is active high, and the PTT out is active low. I have the URI interface. So, 5 questions:

1) When I go into my web based portal, I need to set the node configuration. Under Interface Configuration (advanced),  there is the option "Carrier from". Should I make that "USB from the COR line on the USB FOB", or, "USB Invert...." .

2) same for the PTT setting "Invert PTT". The two options are ground to transmit, and, open to transmit. (I think I got this one).

3) Any additional components needed as far as COR and PTT?

4) I assume that the PTT from the URI goes to the COS of the controller, and the COS from the URI goes to the PTT of the controller. Right? (they could have been labelled in reverse for the convenience of the user, so just asking).

5) When the interface is configured on the web, I see that you hit the submit button. But is there an "upload" button somewhere for those settings to be sent out, like there is for the server settings?

W3YT repeater

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