[App_rpt-users] Setting up my Beagle Board LOX

Michael Kaufman captmick at charter.net
Mon Feb 6 14:12:44 EST 2012

I am working on setting up a beagle board LOX node that will be on a UHF repeater.  I currently have a VHF simplex node running on an acid install  that has been on the air for over a year.  When I built my first node I found excellent documentation on the website for setting up the acid install but have been unable to find any setup documentation for the beagle board or any info on the mailing list. 

I have downloaded pickel-current.tar from the website, and will be writing to the micros sd card on a macbook pro (using an external card reader as it is an older computer).  I will also need to request an additional node number from the allstar web-site. These are the items I need the most help with being not totally familiar with writing a dd image  to the micro sd card as well as requesting and set up of an additional node with out screwing up the existing one.




Node 27558

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