[App_rpt-users] URI Vox settings

Jim Duuuude telesistant at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 12 16:37:49 EST 2012

DONT USE VOX!! IT is *NOT* an acceptable interface option for an Allstar node.



From: n1rcw at comcast.net
To: app_rpt-users at ohnosec.org
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2012 16:31:35 -0500
Subject: [App_rpt-users] URI Vox settings

I  dove in and purchased the 
URI interface for my Allstar node and have configured the radio, and the 
interface responds to tuning and operation.
At this time I've setup the URI using vox 
for the receive trigger and wonder if there is any vox settings with in the URI 
or Asterisk as it is very sensitive and having issues with pulse back when 
Before I look into the radio to obtain the 
cor control I thought I'd ask here if anyone else has had issues with the vox 
Thanks Rick..

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