[App_rpt-users] WebTranceiver Java Solutions

George Zolla gazolla at san.rr.com
Mon Feb 13 00:40:54 EST 2012

Starting the WebTranceiver's JAVA app can sometimes be a problem.  The following lists several Operating systems and browser configurations and some solutions:

Mac OS Snow Leopard 10.6.8 with Safari: no problems
Windows IE 6.0 under VMWare 3.13: no problems

Windows XP and IE 7.0: Could not get JAVA to run
Solution: Installed the Chrome browser and JAVA ran on it with no problems

Windows 7 and IE 9.0: Could not get JAVA to run
Installing the Chrome browser did not work
Installing the Safari browser did not work
Solution: Disabled all addons in IE-9 including JAVA plugins - now works well
A cleaner solution would be to go through each add-ons individually to determine which combination is causing the problem but this  works

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