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On 2/14/12 2:27 PM, Sal P. De Franco wrote:
> Hello,
> I have my allstar # now.


> I picked up a used computer.
> Question:
> How much memory is needed ?

I'm running with a gig.  Never hit swap.  Total system and apps are 
taking up 685 meg, rest is free.  Swap set for 2 gig, not using any of 
it.  Once it's loaded, it's pretty much resident and unless you're doing 
a lot of other things...won't change much from day to day.

And that's for a 64 bit dual core Althon cpu/CentOS to match

> How big a hard drive is needed ?

Here's my specs:
disk  used  free   % use

287G  3.1G  270G   2% /

plus 100 meg for the /boot partition.

So...I'm thinking you can get away with a pretty minimal disk.  But, 
considering that spindles are so cheap...even for 7200rpm drives...

Doesn't take much (well, not running a gui, either...and a LOT less than 
Window$).  That's for a system supporting 5 hardware interfaces and a hub.

One suggestion would be to pick up a USB card that will fit into a bus 
slot on the motherboard.  On-board USB ports have a bad habit of not 
passing data fast enough...leading to choppy audio.  The 4-port cards 
are, IIRC, about 40. at the local big box.

This is my rig here...others will chime in, I'm sure...

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