[App_rpt-users] IRLP node and Allstar node together (EchoIRLPAst v1.00)

Michael J. Wolthuis wolthui3 at msu.edu
Tue Feb 14 16:33:58 EST 2012

Good evening everyone,

                I wanted to pass on a project I have been hard at work on,
but I have a bit to go, but the theory is 100% proven out at this point.

                I took a CentOS IRLP load with EchoIRLP on it and have
successfully installed Allstar to look just like an ACiD distribution.  It
basically is an ACiD distribution just with the IRLP files added.


                Have successfully changed out TBD for TLB on EchoIRLP
allowing me to use the chan_tlb driver to drive Allstar.


                Hve my IRLP node set its status to connected to self (just
like EchoIRLP does) when connected to Allstar.  It fires up the connection
to TLB and connects TLB to Allstar.


                I control Allstar via command line and the custom_decode
script from IRLP listening to DTMF from the radio.


                This makes Allstar connect node 1002 to TLB via chan_tlb and
then connects my IRLP card to it via TLB.


                I have 100% made this work in my test environment.  Now,
here is where I am stuck.  I am not the greatest script writer and many will
attest to that.  I have detailed every step of the way to get to this point,
but I am doing a lot of the work via hand still.  This is because Allstar is
running as root and IRLP runs as reflector user.  I need to see if I can
compile and install Allstar as reflector or if I can figure out how to get
the custom_decode script permissions to talk to the Allstar CLI if installed
as root.


                I posted my research and what I have working to the EchoIRLP
YahooGroup last night.


                What this does:

1)      Allows an existing EchoIRLP setup to be control an Allstar node and
be an Allstar node

2)      It locks out the IRLP node (as connected to its self) just like
EchoIRLP does when an Allstar connection is detected.

3)      You can run Echolink on the EchoIRLP or the Allstar setup - your
choice - I left mine on EchoIRLP

4)      Allows me to keep my functioning IRLP node in place and if it is
connected to IRLP it plays an audio message telling the Allstar or Echolink
caller and disconnects them.

5)      This passes all rules of IRLP, Echolink and Allstar based on my
research because it is not cross-linking the two (which is done at
reflectors) it is simply allowing me to use the IRLP node to connect the
Allstar network without losing any other functionality.

6)      Also, since the connection between Allstar and EchoLink is allowed.
I allow my Allstar and EchoLink to both be active at the same time, thus
taking calls from EchoLink or Allstar when the other is connected.  This is
a user preference and can be turned off.


What I haven't accomplished (maybe someone can help):

1)       Write a distribution for an existing CentOS IRLP node, this has to
all be hand installed at this point and is likely to break many things as I
have only tested it on two nodes

2)      The scripts need a lot of work to check for all possible scenarios
that could happen in the environment.  Set appropriate lock files, etc..


I will put out my write-up on the info in hopes someone has time to take it
the next step.  I have unfortunately become VERY busy at work and had to
back burner the project for a while.  


My overall goal was to keep my IRLP node, participate actively in Allstar
when I desired, create ability to do so without allowing the networks to be
cross-connected (either/or design), and to do it based around the EchoIRLP
principals and designed scripts.


If you attempt to implement ANY of this, I do not offer support at this
time, just too busy..  I recommend you image your node or at a minimum that
you backup your IRLP node per the instructions at irlp.net in case you botch
it completely, you can reinstall from scratch with minimal issues.


More info to come, but I have actively been using this with great results
for about a month now and it gives me the best of all 3 VoIP linking
technologies via the IRLP board.







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