[App_rpt-users] app_rpt and P25 (?)

"Jeremy R. Geeo [KDØEAV]" kd0eav at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 21:02:48 EST 2012

FYI - This link is working now...

There does appear to be a channel driver that can be dropped into the 
Asterisk source tree called chan_usrp.
Finally found it in their source tree: trunk/repeater/src/lib/

This driver appears to be a bi-directional UDP interface between 
Asterisk and a USRP device (or discrimator tap type interface) using GNU 
Radio. It looks like it is capable of interfacing multiple SDR P25 
and/or analog channels into Asterisk. That's a big statement. Assuming 
some higher horsepower hardware running all of this, it can 
simultaneously receive (if I'm reading this right, it can actually 
transceive) multiple P25 (voice/data) streams and FM analog streams 
(each on a seperate app_rpt channel). The data stream can apparently be 
sent over to wireshark to be decoded (which also has to be patched).

Haven't tried any of this yet. But with the right hardware, it appears 
that this would be fully function as a P25 interface (and more) into 


- Jeremy, KD0EAV

On 01/16/12 21:24, Ramesh Dhami (VA3UV) wrote:
> Hey All;
> Does anyone know anything about this project:
> http://www.sedition.org.au/op25/wiki/RepeaterPage
> This article seems to suggest some sort of 'channel driver' between 
> app_rpt and P25????
> Unfortunately, the link in the article redirects to a University in 
> Australia, which prompts for a user name and passwd!
> Anyone have any scoop on this?
> Thx!
> Ramesh.
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