[App_rpt-users] Icom 706 Remote Base

K&R Yoksh yokshs at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 22:54:31 EST 2012


I'm trying to get my Icom 706Mk2g to work as a remote base.. I'm not having 
any luck whatsoever.. I know that my hardware works 100%, but Asterisk 
cannot seem to talk to my radio.

FWIW, I'm running SimpleUSB. I'm not sure if that makes any difference or 

I read somewhere that app_rpt uses
decimal instead of hex (as Icom does) for the Ci-v address. So instead of 
civaddr=58 (58 is the default for a 706Mk2g) I was told to try civaddr=88.

Any suggestions?

Does anyone have a 706 working as a remote base that would be willing to 
post a snippet from their rpt.conf for me?

Thanks. 73

Olathe, KS

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